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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Division

How do I apply for a Connecticut solar PV rebate?

Aegis will take care of all the application paperwork for your Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) rebate. Your solar electric system must be grid-tied to qualify for the CCEF rebate program. Battery backup cannot be included when calculating the rebate amount. The rebate is currently available to Connecticut Light and Power or United Illuminating customers.


How do I go about tying into the grid?

Aegis will prepare the interconnection request to your utility company. We will also obtain a town building permit and organize utility and town inspections.


Electronic Division

Why should I use Aegis for my home entertainment needs?

Aegis has the total solution for your electronic needs. Our constant research and training keeps us up to date on new technology. We’re able to design and install an audio/video system perfectly suited to your requirements.


How do you differ from other audio/video installers?

Aegis is a licensed E1 electrical contractor. Most installers are only licensed to run low voltage wiring, such as speaker wire. They can’t legally move or add an outlet to facilitate better furniture placement or change the room lighting for better movie viewing. You would have to call in another contractor to finish the job. Aegis is properly licensed to take care of those electrical and lighting needs in addition to installing audio/video equipment, allowing you to fully create the room of your dreams.


Electrical Division

How long have you been in business?

Aegis Electrical and Security Systems was started in 1989, by Chris Lenda, as an electrical and alarm company. The company became an LLC in 2001 and was renamed Aegis Electrical Systems to better reflect the wide variety of electrical services offered.


What services do you offer?

Aegis Electrical Systems is a full service electrical contractor. From design to completion we will handle all your electrical requirements. Whether your needs are new or upgraded service, home automation or renewable energy, our experienced professionals will handle the details and complete your project in a timely, professional manner.