Audio and Video

You showed me options I never knew were available. Our room is now a showplace.

— C.D.

A multi-room audio system gives you the ability to listen to your favorite music throughout your home, letting you move about without leaving the sound behind. You can even listen to the music outside, with a weatherproof speaker system that will blend with your current landscaping or patio design.

Your listening options can include your own collection loaded to a central CD/DVD server, FM, internet, cable or even satellite radio featuring hundreds of specialized genre stations from around the world.

Selections can be distributed to your choice of locations. Individual users can choose different music to be played simultaneously in different areas. In-room touch pad controls make it easy for all users to listen to what they want, where they want.

Recreate the theater-going experience in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy full surround sound and big screen viewing of your chosen movies and favorite television shows. Access your collection of DVDs from a central server or browse through hundreds of cable or satellite TV choices to make your selection.

All components of your entertainment system can be designed to blend into your current decor or an entirely new dedicated home theater can be created.

Lights, sights and sound are easily controlled through a wall mounted or hand held touch pad control.

As an electrical contractor with an unlimited E1 license, we can complete your entire project without the need to call an additional contractor for your high voltage requirements. We'll see your project through from concept to completion.

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